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Barret Tagliarino -

Free guitarist mp3 downloads, and instructional DVD's, books and lessons for guitarists. Includes itunes audio, online store, bio, blog and testimonials.

National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) -

A not-for-profit association that unifies, leads and strengthens the $17 billion global music products industry.

The Children's Music Network -

A nonprofit association that now has members across the United States and Canada.

The Contemporary A Cappella Society -

Aims to foster and promote contemporary a cappella music around the world through education, recognition, and the creation of performance opportunities.

The Keys of Atlantis -

Provides the first chapter of a music book by Peter Wakefield Sault that explores the western system of music.

Yellow Pine Harmonica Fest -

Music festival held on an annual basis in Yellow Pine, Idaho with the emphasis being on harmonica's.